Frank Costeira

About the Blog

The Internet is full of people who share their expertise and experience with technology and in the process educate others. This blog is my effort to participate in the sharing community and give back to others. The blog will focus on  my areas of expertise, other areas of interest, and my hobbies:

  • Collaboration Technologies – My career has focused around networking, voice, and video. Today voice, video, IM and other communications technologies have been grouped together under Collaboration. The collaboration space is seeing a lot of change with cloud based solutions, mobile applications, asynchronous applications like slack, and WebRTC. The collaboration space is changing quickly. I will be posting about my experience with new collaboration technologies.
  • IoT / Maker Hobbies – I’m very interested in technologies around IoT and will be sharing my projects or learning experiences with these technologies that are driving the IoT or Maker space. I believe the combination of inexpensive hardware, open software and ease of connectivity has culminated to create a new innovative space. Its has reinvigorated the basement or garage inventor. I will be posting about my own personal projects and on new technology in this space.
  • Automotive – I’m a big fan of the automotive world, especially when technology and innovation intersects with it. Personally, I enjoy tinkering with my car and talking it to the track for fun. I will be posting about some of those upgrades, and my track days.
  • Photography – In my free time I enjoy nature and landscape photography. I will be posting about my experience with new cameras, lenses, software, and the photographic results.

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